Gorge Engagement Photos | Julie & Mike

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We are so excited to be photographing Julie and Mike’s Oregon wedding at Langdon Farms this summer. They wanted to have their engagement session out in The Gorge somewhere since that area is there favorite place to go adventuring. Government Cove was perfect! It didn’t even rain! YAY! If you live in Oregon, you know that it has rained almost every day since the year began. We are so ready for some summer weather! Congratulations to you two, and we will see your beautiful faces in July!!!

Rebecca & Jerome

From the Bride:
How we met: We worked together, and before we started dating we never really thought we would end up being in a relationship. We both started as friends and that friendship grew to love. We both like hiking and going on adventures, which was also the reason why and how we liked each other. Having your best friend with you whether summiting Mt. St. Helens, hiking a mountain, walking on the beach, trying new food and just being next to you supporting whatever your interest may be, is definitely something great and worth while.

When did you know he was the one?
We both love to go on hikes and venturing all over the pacific northwest, where ever we find that is a great spot to hike and explore to. Our very first date was at Wahclella Falls at the Columbia Gorge, this is one of Mike’s favorite waterfall in the gorge. It was late in the afternoon/early evening when we both hiked to see the waterfall. It has just rained so the trail was pretty slippery and muddy. Its a very short hike (1 mile hike to be exact), but there are areas where some inclines and declines on the trail. I don’t really have the best balance in the world, but Mike was gracious enough to hold my hand and assist me when areas of the trail ends up being difficult to hike over. He had to carry me one time because of a large mud puddle, as I wasn’t really wearing the appropriate hiking shoes – I was wearing running shoes at the time. As we go through the forest like area of the hike, to crossing bridges and to making it to where the waterfall is. My feelings grew for Mike. I knew he was the one when the emotions I was feeling then started to appear. His gentlemen attitude, caring expression, goofiness, and can’t forget his charm is what won me over. Ever since our first date, you can say that everything else is history – well not literally as everything we do whether hiking, trying out new food, going on adventures or just being next to each other, we love making memories and treasure them.

How did he propose?
I was getting ready for a bachelorette party one night, and as I was getting read, he decided to pop the question casually. We knew we wanted to get married and it was just the matter of when. We have been together close to 5 years at the time he decided to propose. (This is the part where its not like a fairy tale story. LOL!)

What are you most excited about for your wedding?
The cake! When Mike and I had our cake tasting, I was blown away with how good it was. Even Mike liked it a lot, and he doesn’t really like certain cakes! We are also excited to see all of our family and friends that will be coming to celebrate our (Mike and I) nuptials.

Honeymoon Plans?
We are thinking of doing a honeymoon to Victoria, BC. Eventually, we would like to do international trips in the future as we continue our adventure.